How It Works

You can master Tabtoe in just a few simple steps

  • Sign up 
  • Search for a Tab or search by requesting an offer. 
  • Create a Tab and sell your services. 
  • Deliver the work and receive payments and review 


Tabtoe Sellers: Sellers can create Tabs by clicking on the Post Tab option in the menu bar.  Follow the 6 simple steps and provide as much information as possible about the service you provide and the skills you possess to be able to deliver the work.

Tabtoe buyers: Buyers can browse for Tabs and chose a Seller or request an offer. 

Tabs : You may have multiple active tabs. Each Tab should offer a different service. You may not repeat an already existing offer and post the same Tab multiple times. 

Homepage: Clicking on the Tabtoe logo on the top left of the screen will always take you back to the homepage. 

Request Offer:  Buyer can request an offer on the Homepage or in the Dashboard - Buying - Post Request. You will be notified via email when you receive an offer. You can find your offers in Dashboard - Buying Manage Requests.

 Sellers can see all Buyers Requests in Dashboard - Buyers Requests - Aktive Requests. You can send your offer by clicking onto the request and fill in details on the next page.

Your Profile: You can find it by clicking on Dashboard. Other Users can not  see: the real name, the phone number . They can see: city and zipcode, member since, online/offline (which have to be selected manually), your reviews and any information you have entered in the "about me" section. 

Change password: you can find this option in dashboard - settings. 

Edit paypal email: you can find this option in dashboard - settings

Cancel active Tab: Buyer and Sellers have the option to cancel an active Tab. You can find this option in the Dashboard - Orders - Buying or Selling Orders.

Cancellation Policy: Sellers have the option to add their own cancellation policy to the tab. Lenient: The Buyer will recieve a refund.   Inflexible: The Buyer will be charged and the Seller will recieve payout. This is to ensure that Sellers are not left unpaid for any time and effort already invested in the work and to avoid unnessary cancellations. 

Money Back Guarantee: Tabtoe will give a 100% refund should a Seller not respond, not deliver or deliver work that does not match the description of the Tab 

Reviews:  Buyers and Sellers have the option to leave a review for the other party.  

Seller Payouts: There is no time limit. You just need to have a minimum of 10 Euro in your Earning before you can request a payout. 

Disputes: in case of a dispute please contact tabtoe and we will review the case.  

Deleting Account: please contact Tabtoe Accounts can only be deleted by admin.

Deleting Tabs: please contact Tabtoe Tab can only be deleted by admin.